Benchmarking a Dell Venue 8 Pro

I take a lot of notes at work. I also handle many emails and constantly consult my calendar. While my iPad generally works, I am really interested in a device which (more) gracefully supports a stylus. When I first saw the Dell Venue 8 Pro it intrigued me. I have mixed feelings on Windows but a cheap note-taking, email, and calendar tablet is an appealing idea. So, I decided to buy one and try it out and also decided on benchmarking a Dell Venue 8 Pro and sharing my results.

Does this cheap tablet also have budget performance?

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SD Pins

HP Chromebook 14 SD Speeds

In my previous benchmarking of my new HP Chromebook 14 a reader asked if I had tested the units SD speeds. I hadn’t but thought this was a good question because of the limited storage built into the HP Chromebook 14. If the SD card slot was very restricted in terms of I/O performance, the utility of the SD card expansion would be limited. Therefore, I decided to run tests to evaluate the HP Chromebook 14 SD speeds.
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Screenshot 2013-10-20 at 5.40.03 PM

Benchmarking the Celeron 2955U

I recently purchased an HP Chromebook 14 (HP Falco) with a new Haswell(ish) Celeron 2955U. Arguably, the internals of a Chrome OS laptop are less important but I was still curious about just how fast the Celeron 2955U could be. At this point I cannot find a lot of data, so I decided to run a quick test in benchmarking the Celeron 2955U. To do this, I relied on two quick tools – nbench and geekbench. To run these two, I relied on a CLI-only install of Ubuntu 12.04 via crouton.

With that said, the real question is – just how did the Celeron 2955U perform?
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Chrome Logo

A quick thought on Chrome OS

A few days ago I decided to buy a Chromebook. I will go into the reasons and my thoughts about the hardware and software separately; I wanted to take a moment today and answer a quick question about Chrome OS. I want to quickly this because I think it’s on the mind of anyone who uses a computer frequently and might be interested in a Chromebook.

Is it strange to use?
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Google Play Phone Benchmarks – New Year, New Speed

I have had an on-and-off again relationship with Android. Over the past few years I have owned a number of Android devices; I have always run Quadrant Standard on them when I unbox them. Android has been getting better; what really amazes me is how the performance of mobile phones is rapidly increasing. I decided to compare my new Samsung S4 (Google Edition) to my older phones. I am simply shocked with the results with how Google Play phone benchmarks have changed over time.

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